Beside the live performances, Coachella is also a platform for artist to feature their art work. Coachella 2017 is no different from its past events. This year, artworks featured will include the works from Chiaozza, Gustavo Prado and returning favourite; Raices Cultura.


Chiaozza is comprised of duo Terri Chiao and Adam Frezza. Together, the duo creates works across the range of media , sculptures to playground. Chiaozza, known for their colourful projects, will have their art works featured and merchandise available for sale for the upcoming Coachella 2017.

Chiaozza spent three months in the Coachella Valley constructing a landscape of whimsical geogprahic features recalling  the shifting views around each bend of a boulder field.


Gustavo Prado is a Brazilian-born sculptor with perception-bending installations that expands space. Prado’s compelling mirrored pieces reflect and relocate the viewer in the surrounding landscape. He works in Brooklyn and is co-founder of Jacaranda Magazine.

Prado studied industrial design and philosophy before turning his attention to art


Raices Cultura is a non profit that was founded by an energetic and dynamic young group of community leaders in 2004.

Thier mission is to create spaces for artistic and cultural expression, promote healthy communities, and strengthen the voice of the Eastern Coachella Valley.


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