Be sure to visit the Coachella Merchandise tents!  Visit early to be the first to grab that elusive t-shirt or sweatshirt you’ve had your eyes on! Both Cash and Credit Card payments will be accepted at the Main as well as Camping locations.

This year, we will have two designated locations in Camping, VIP as well as two designated located in the GA Festival grounds. The Main Location in the Lobby will obviously carry the largest selection of goods, including individual artists’ limited edition merch! So check out the following tips so you can buy official merch at Coachella.

  1.  There is limited stock on sizes, so buy it on the first day. Size XXS, XS and M run out at the speed of light, followed by size S and L. Yes, there will be restocking, but it is not in infinite amounts so if you haven’t got yours by the last day, well, I feel bad for you son, 99 problems but no merch ain’t one.
  2. You won’t be allowed to try on merchandise, for health regulations. Know your (or the recipient’s) size before you get there. If you are not certain of the size, check the size of the one you’re wearing.
  3. Bring your own bags. The booths and tents will have bags, but if you are planning to (or involuntarily) end up buying an enormous amount of merchandise, we advise you to bring your own cool bag(s).
  4. Buy wisely. If you are packing your bag  light for the festival, or forgot to bring basic essentials, don’t be shy. Instead make your way to the nearest merchandise tent because bandanas, water bottles and hoodies often get sold out first as 50% of the festival goers also forgot those essentials.
  5. Don’t carry excessive amount of physical cash with you. This Coachella season, we got you covered. Majority of the booths as well as all the merchandise tents will be accepting Credit/Debit Card payments.
  6. Don’t be disheartened if you wanted previous year’s merchandise. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the oldies when you scour through the current season’s merch. If you’re lucky, there may be posters and other cool and rare stuff at this season.
  7. Support artists. Buy the merch from the artist booths and merchandise tents. Buying merch from bootleggers at the parking lots not only makes you lame too,  it also dispirits the Coachella kinship. Don’t be that guy.



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