For all the seasoned as well as rookie festival goers, this is a must read! Generally, for all music festivals, there are basic guidelines to follow but for Coachella, it’s extra special; you know, to preserve the authenticity and all that. Find out how to stay rad and fit right in at the illest festival.


  • Venue opens at 1100 hours each day.
  • Performances are to take place; rain or shine.
  • Your festival pass must be worn at ALL times.
  • Lineup and set times may vary.
  • All ages are welcome, with free entree to children aged 5 years.
  • Ins and outs are allowed for pass holders.


YES Baby Blankets                                                   NO Aerosol Product

YES Baby Strollers                                                   NO Audio Recording Devices

YES Backpacks                                                          NO Air Horns

YES Blankets                                                             NO AVPs or MODs

YES Chapstick and Lip Balm                                 NO Bicycles or Skateboards

YES Dancing Shoes                                                 NO Chair or Coolers

YES Hydration Packs                                              NO Chains or Chain Wallets

YES Ear Plugs                                                           NO Detachable Lens Camera

YES Eye Plugs                                                           NO Drones/Remote Controllers

YES Fanny Packs & Hip Bags                                 NO Drugs

YES GoPros                                                               NO Fireworks or Explosives

YES Gum                                                                    NO Flags

YES Hand Sanitizers & Baby Wipes                    NO Flyers or Promotional Items

YES Hats                                                                    NO Glass or Metal Containers

YES Laptops Computers & Tablets                      NO Glow Sticks or LED Gloves

YES Makeup                                                             NO Guns or Tasers

YES Mobile Phones and Chargers                       NO Hoverboards or Segways

YES Parasols                                                            NO Outside Food or Beverage

YES Purses & Handbags                                        NO Pepper Spray or Mace

YES Service Animals                                              NO Pets or Other Animals

YES Smiles                                                                NO Selfie Sticks or Narcissists

YES Sunblock (Non-Aerosol)                                NO Tents or Sleeping bags

YES Sunglasses                                                        NO Toy Guns, Water Guns or Sling Shots

YES Walkie Talkies                                                 NO Umbrellas

YES Water Bottles                                                   NO Video Cameras


DO Bring Friends.                                            DON’T Search for lost friends,

make new ones.

DO Explore!                                                      DON’T Litter. Respect nature!

DO Compliment other artists.                       DON’T Give off bad vibes.

DO Stay hydrated.                                           DON’T Hog the portable potties.

DO Wear Sunscreen.                                      DON’T Go barefoot. Be careful.

DO Bring a fanny pack for essentials.        DON’T Skip the deodorant.

DO Dress appropriately.                                DON’T Be glued to your phone.

DO Draw up a festival itinerary.                 DON’T Over drink & forget to enjoy.


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